A personal account of the strength and influence of my mother

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A personal account of the strength and influence of my mother

I remember how awkward I appeared to be compared to my other siblings. My behavior starting at 6 months old was repetitive and restricted. Every day I would hide from everyone and not play with my siblings.

Doors as they opened and closed were fascinating to me.

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I would stack my rectangular toys in a specific order as high as possible. When my mother or siblings touched or found me somewhere in the house, I would have a meltdown. I would suck my ring finger all day as it provided a sense of comfort.

Early in my life, I could not understand social interaction and tried to avoid itnonverbal communication and never maintained eye contact.

My mother did not fully understand what was going with me and relied on doctors and professionals to deal with my issues.

I was born with a tongue-tie, an abnormally thick line that connected my tongue to the bottom of my mouth.

A personal account of the strength and influence of my mother

Because of this issue, I had trouble keeping food down, which caused me to become sick. After years of pain, I had tongue clip surgery at the age of 3.

Later I was diagnosed with a severe speech impediment, intellectual disability and autism. Going to school was a nightmare. I was always bullied until I graduated from high school.

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The bullying consisted of teasing, physical and verbal attacks from students, some relatives and teachers. I was placed in special education because my mental condition was considered too severe for a general class setting.

The punishment consisted of yelling, grabbing my ears and pulling me to her desk or the office. My positive mentor turned into a physical abuser. He was given temporary custody of me and promised me a better life. After a few years of being a positive mentor to me and an effective male influence, my autism and difficulties lead to his punishment and abuse.

I was beaten with a blunt object in close range, and he would punch me in my face, a violent blow that sent me to the ground. Every time I received a beating, I struggled to breathe, my body twitched, I lost consciousness and fell to the floor.

My whole life would pass through like a movie, my eyes would close, and I thought I was dead. He came into my class and shamed me in public in front of my peers and teachers about how pathetic I was.

At age 19, I decided to leave and he became upset.

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I was beaten severely and thrown out of the hotel on my head. I had a few unsuccessful attempts at suicide after I left him. I felt there was no purpose for me to live. All I had was a white shirt and blue shorts and slept outside in the cold weather with nothing but a mat and a bath towel to keep me warm.

Eventually I found the support I needed to triumph. Before Haven for Hope, I slept on bus stops, hid in small areas in the central library downtown, slept in the grass, on the ground or in remote locations so I would not be bothered by anyone.

I would wake up with pink eye, ear infections and other problems due to sleeping outside. Going to school was a challenge — I had to carry my belongings everywhere I went because there were no lockers.

After everything I went through, I still managed to get my education. I finished and graduated from St. My college teachers and staff provided me comfort and support through my journey as a person with autism and abuse survivor.

I will not allow the past to stop me from pursuing my goals. Autism has been my number one component to my success in school. I remain humble in spirit and stick to my primary objective of trying my best daily by taking small steps.

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I want to help, support and inspire others on the autism spectrum to not give up or lose hope no matter what they are going through. Keep pushing, keep striving, keep persevering to the end and there will be a greater reward.

Always be proud of your autism because you are unique and special in your way, no matter what any doctor, parent, students, siblings or anybody tells you. Resources If you or someone you know needs help, visit our suicide prevention resources.

Resources If you or a loved one is affected by domestic violence or emotional abuse and need help, call The National Domestic Violence Hotline at Getty image by Jorge Antonio.Essay on The Influence of My Mother Words | 3 Pages.

A personal account of the strength and influence of my mother

It took a long time to value the exceptional influence my mother has been on my life. She is the type of person who has thoughtful discussions about the importance of building a united family.

The Strength of a Mother Some of the smallest words have more meaning in them than the bigger ones. There is a six letter word that holds so much meaning I don’t . Nov 09,  · Personal Strength Essays (Examples) (Drucker ) requires deep personal self-reflection. The influence of self-assessment on improvement and eventual success is not a static single event, but as the article discusses, is a continuous process of feedback and critical internal evaluation.

My mother who had her personal life's. I used to think my inability to let go of my mother was my biggest weakness, but I have learned it is quite the opposite. It is said that the greatest strength is the power to keep fighting when. Freedom Movement Bibliography.

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