Argumentative essay on polar bears

The polar bear is under a threat.

Argumentative essay on polar bears

Maybe you have seen them on television advertisements if you watch television occasionally. There are white polar bears that are drinking Coca-Cola on sea ice.

I think not only me but also you want to see polar bears in reality.

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They usually live in the North Pole and South Pole. Today, they state that polar bears are listed as endangered animals and every year many polar bears are decreasing rapidly. Then, I know why they are declining after I read the articles. It means if sea ice disappeared, polar bears also go forward to extinction.

According to Heilpringlobal warming causes a problem by reducing sea ice. Another problem is human activity. Anyway, Polar bears are one of the important species to maintain, so if they have disappeared, the ecosystem will be broken fast. Diversity of species is very important, because it makes good environmental condition, so the government has to try protect polar bears.

Humans should protect polar bears, because it is possible for them to do.

Argumentative essay on polar bears

In those ways, we should try to help and protect them. First of all, those gases cause global warming, so sea ice is melted.

Then, polar bears lose their habitat.

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Next, those gases also bring problems, not only for polar bears but also for humans, because all organisms are related with each other.

For instance, if polar bears are extinct, sea ecosystem is destroyed, and then it makes humans worse. Actually, many polar bears are dead or rescued every year. Carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are mostly from humans, so we can help polar bears directly if we try to do this. Therefore, we should try to reduce those gases, and the government should encourage people to do that, especially encouraging public transportation.

Second, the government has to make habitats for polar bears. First, the government should help to make places at the zoo to take care of polar bears, because cost to make places for polar bears is too expensive.

It is good not only for polar bear but also for humans, because people can see real polar bears. Then, when we rescue polar bears that are in danger, we need a place for them.

Only government can make professional place easily. Also, polar region is so small for polar bears because sea ice is melting rapidly. Thus, the government has to make a shelter for polar bears and people also should help government to pursue it without problems. Third, the government should protect polar bears from humans.

I think human is the most important factor to threaten polar bears. Also, some people think that economy is more important than environment, so there are so many rash developments to kill polar bears.

For instance, people break sea ice just for their business, especially to get water and to make a sea route. Today, the government can control citizens, so they have to prohibit rash hunts and developments.Polar Bears Essay Polar bears are the largest land carnivores in the world, rivaled only by the Kodiak brown bears of southwestern Alaska.

Polar bears sit at the top of the food chain in the biologically rich Arctic. The most carnivorous of. - Polar bears are big, white bears (sometimes darker fur) that live in very cold regions like around the artic poles. There are 21, to 28, Polar bears alive that are known.

Polar bears swim in water and are carnivores, they eat fish. Polar bears feed mainly on ringed seals and bearded seals. These are great for writing persuasive and argumentative essays on controversial topics and are a great way to see great sample essay elements such as introductions, body paragraphs, thesis statements, and closing paragraphs that are extremely well written.

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Essay on polar bear extinction

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polar bears Essay Polar bears in the Arctic are tremendously affected by pollution now. As global warming progresses, wind and water currents carry pollutants, most of which come from industrial sources in different parts of the world, and cause them to travel to the Arctic because of the ‘conveyor belt’ nature of the atmosphere and ocean.

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