Bmw the 7 series project a

The car giant just revealed the M-variant for this new 3-Series — the Mi. For comparison, the Mercedes generates hp and the S4 brings up the rear with hp. All the Bells and Whistles In addition to the engine, the Mi is equipped with all the bells and whistles. One thing that might disappoint BMW purists is the fact that the only transmission option currently available for this model is an 8-speed automatic.

Bmw the 7 series project a

Have an opinion about this story? Click here to submit a Letter to the Editorand we may publish it in print. The event was used to showcase how BMW has made its flagship lighter, more dynamic, more intuitive and capable of doing more things with limited driver input, including the remote-control parking.

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The 7 series is expected to go on sale after its debut at the Frankfurt auto show in September, company sources said. He added that the automaker will launch it simultaneously in Europe, the U. Resch expects the U. BMW says the new 7 series achieves a number of firsts 1 The first production car with remote control parking, which means that no one has to be at the wheel to maneuver the car in or out of parking spaces or garages.

The setting automatically adapts to the driving style and the character of the road. Parks itself BMW says the 7 series can be remotely parked without anyone at the wheel.

Using a new key fob, the driver can maneuver the 7 series in or out of a space at a parking lot or a garage. BMW says the main advantage is that it is possible to fit the car in extremely tight parking spaces.

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The system is limited to driving forward into a space and backing out. The car uses sensors to make slight steering adjustments of 10 to 15 degrees and it also brakes itself.

The car can complete a self-parking maneuver at a distance of up to 2 meters from the desired space. However, the driver and the key must remain near the car until the maneuver is completed.

Resch said that BMW is still discussing the system with regulators in some countries as it seeks to get it homologated in all markets.

Bmw the 7 series project a

It's possible to decline a phone call in the new BMW 7 series with a swipe of the hand shown. BMW says the 7 series is the first model it will offer with gesture recognition and the automaker believes the system is an industry first. The system uses a 3-D sensor to detect hand movements.

The reason for adding the gestures was to provide a faster, more efficient way to complete a task, such as declining a phone call with the swipe of the hand.

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BMW shaved weight through an extensive use of carbon fiber in the passenger cell, using techniques derived from the i3 electric car and i8 plug-in hybrid. BMW says the 7 series is the first car to use industrially manufactured carbon fiber in its body construction in combination with steel, aluminum and plastic.

Another way BMW made the car lighter was by making its doors and roof from aluminum. The automaker declined to provide a breakdown of how much of each material it uses in the vehicle.

The 7 series will be offered with a choice of either a gasoline, diesel or gasoline plug-in hybrid powertrain.The BMW F01 is the fifth-generation of the 7 Series luxury saloon, that was produced from to The variants of the model range are: saloon (F01 model code); long wheelbase saloon (F02 model code); armoured saloon (F03 model code, marketed as High Security); hybrid electric saloon (F04 model code, marketed as ActiveHybrid 7); The F01 was the first BMW vehicle to be available with a.

The German electro-offensive kicks off this month with a series of new models being unveiled around the world. Mercedes-Benz will kick off a series of events By , BMW could sell , BMW 8 Series Project Manager Markus Flasch shares some of his thoughts about his current project, the BMW 8 Series Coupe.

BMW floor mats are the perfect fit for the short wheelbase F01 i/i/i and Alpina B7 and blend with the factory trim. BMW velour mats have a smooth and dense texture that complements the other luxurious materials in your interior.

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The BMW 7 Series MLi meets Rome. Autoplay. On Off. BMW is pondering a model line positioned above the 7-series, company sources confirm. The project is in its concept stage and the vehicle is far from being finalized, but the most likely body.

BMW says new 7 series will park itself without driver at wheel