Essay on mr.know all by w.somerset maugham

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Essay on mr.know all by w.somerset maugham


East and West, Doubleday, [], pp. The first was written in and the last in Since it caused some little stir the reader of this preface will perhaps have patience with me if I transcribe the working notes, made at the time, on which it was constructed.

They are written in hackneyed and slipshod phrases, without grace; for nature has not endowed me with the happy gift of hitting instinctively upon the perfect word to indicate an object and the unusual but apt adjective to describe it.

I was travelling from Honolulu to Pago Pago and, hoping they might at some time be of service, I jotted down as usual my impressions of such of my fellow-passengers as attracted my attention. This is what I said of Miss Thompson: She wore a white dress and a large white hat, long white boots from which the calves bulged in cotton stockings.

My notes go on: He was a tall thin man, with long limbs loosely jointed, he had hollow cheeks and high cheek bones, his fine, large, dark eyes were deep in their sockets, he had full sensual lips, he wore his hair rather long. He had a cadaverous air and a look of suppressed fire. His hands were large, with long fingers, rather finely shaped.

His naturally pale skin was deeply burned by the tropical sun. She had the quick movements of a bird. The most noticeable thing about her was her voice, high, metallic, and without inflection; it fell on the ear with a hard monotony, irritating to the nerves like the ceaseless clamour of a pneumatic drill.

She was dressed in black and wore round her neck a gold chain from which hung a small cross. She told me that W. During this time she remained at headquarters and managed the mission. Often the seas were very rough and the journeys were not without peril. He was a medical missionary. She spoke of the depravity of the natives in a voice which nothing could hush, but with a vehement, unctuous horror, telling me of their marriage customs which were obscene beyond description.

She said, when first they went it was impossible to find a single good girl in any of the villages. She inveighed against dancing. Here is the note for the story: There lands there also a missionary and his wife.

All are obliged to stay there owing to an outbreak of measles. The missionary finding out her profession persecutes her. He reduces her to misery, shame, and repentance, he has no mercy on her.

He induces the governor to order her return to Honolulu. One morning he is found with his throat cut by his own hand and she is once more radiant and self-possessed. She looks at men and scornfully exclaims: I thought it might possibly interest the reader to see how I had progressed from the tentativeness of the first ones, when I was very much at the mercy of my anecdote, to the relative certainty of the late ones when I had learnt so to arrange my material as to attain the result I wanted.

Though all but two have been published in a magazine these stories were not written with that end in view. When I began to write them I was fortunately in a position of decent independence and I wrote them as a relief from work which I thought I had been too long concerned with.

It is often said that stories are no better than they are because editors of magazines insist on their being written to a certain pattern. This has not been my experience. Sometimes the stories were cut and this is reasonable since no editor can afford one contributor more than a certain amount of space; but I was never asked to make the smallest alteration to suit what might be supposed to be the taste of the readers.

Ray Long paid me for them not only with good money, but with generous appreciation.

Essay on mr.know all by w.somerset maugham

I did not value this less. We authors are simple, childish creatures and we treasure a word of praise from those who buy our wares.Below is a free essay on "Escape by W.

Somerset Maugham" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Stylistic Analysis “The Escape” by William Somerset Maugham William Somerset Maugham () is one of the best known English writers of the 20th century.

W. Somerset Maugham. THE RAZOR'S EDGE (please click) BIBLIOGRAPHIC DESCRIPTION: Maugham attempted essay writing and an autobiography entitled Looking Back.

Before his death, Maugham burned all the unpublished manuscripts that he had and he begged friends to destroy his letters. He died in Nice, France on December 15, Expressing Opinion Essay. Modal Perfect. Modal Verbs. Writing a Description. Writing a Letter of Complaint.

Mr. Know - All by W. Somerset Maugham. Rules of the Game by Amy Tan. Thank You Ma'am by Langston Hughes. The story is told by a third person, a person who describes all the things that are happening, and all the things the.

Over the years W. Somerset Maugham has become one of if not my favorite author. His Novels, plays and short stories capture his time and social circumstances perfectly.

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He . Maugham, W. Somerset (William Somerset), Manuscript Collection MS A man of honour: a play in four acts, printed version with extensive revisions in hand of Maugham. Far eastern Tales is a collection of Maugham's short stories, all born of his experiences in Malaysia, Singapore, and other outposts of the former British Empire.

The stories included on this recording are Footprints in the Jungle, Mabel, P & O, The Door of Oportunity, The Buried Talent, Before the Party, Mr. Know-all, Neil MacAdam, The End of the Flight and The Force of Circumstance.

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