Essay questions on schindler list

Teachers can modify the movie worksheets to fit the needs of each class. After the film has been watched, engage the class in a discussion about the movie. At the beginning of the war, Schindler was a greedy high living war profiteer anxious to make money from the misfortune of the Jews. What made him change?

Essay questions on schindler list

The IHR's questions and answers have been reproduced unaltered. Nizkor, a website devoted to combatting Holocaust denial, follows their answers by refuting the 66 claims. Click on Any Question to Reveal the Answer: What proof exists that the Nazis practiced genocide or deliberately killed six million Jews?

The only evidence is the postwar testimony of individual "survivors. There are no contemporaneous documents and no hard evidence whatsoever: Lie piled upon lie, with not a shred of proof.

This is as good a place as any to present some Essay questions on schindler list evidence which is consistently ignored, as a sort of primer on Holocaust denial.

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It will make this reply much longer than the other sixty-five, but perhaps the reader will understand the necessity for this. Let's look at their claims one at a time: Supposedly the only evidence, "the postwar testimony of individual survivors. Notice how the testimony of every single inmate of every Nazi camp is automatically dismissed as unconvincing.

This total dismissal of inmates' testimony, along with the equally-total dismissal of the Nazis' own testimony! This assumption, which is not often spelled out, is that the attempted Jewish genocide never took place, but rather that a secret conspiracy of Jews, starting aroundplanted and forged myriad documents to prove that it did; then, after the war, they rounded up all the camp survivors and told them what to say.

The conspirators also supposedly managed to torture hundreds of key Nazis into confessing to crimes which they never committed, or into framing their fellow Nazis for those crimes, and to plant hundreds of documents in Nazi files which were never discovered until after the war, and only then, in many cases, by sheer luck.

Goebbels' diary, for example, was barely rescued from being sold as 7, pages of scrap paper, but buried in the scattered manuscript were several telling entries as translated in Lochner, The Goebbels Diaries,pp. There must be no squeamish sentimentalism about it.

The Jews have deserved the catastrophe that has now overtaken them. Their destruction will go hand in hand with the destruction of our enemies.

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We must hasten this process with cold ruthlessness. The procedure is a pretty barbaric one and not to be described here more definitely.

Not much will remain of the Jews. On the whole it can be said that about 60 per cent of them will have to be liquidated whereas only 40 per cent can be used for forced labor. Michael Shermer has pointed out that the Nazis' own estimate of the number of European Jews was eleven million, and sixty percent of eleven million is 6.

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This is fairly close to the actual figure. Actually, forty percent was a serious overestimate of the survival rate of Jews who were captured, but there were many Jews who escaped.

In any case, most of the diary is quite mundane, and interesting only to historians. Did the supposed Jewish conspiracy forge seven thousand pages to insert just a few lines? How did they manage to know Goebbels' affairs intimately enough to avoid contradictions, e.

As even the revisionist David Cole has admitted, revisionists have yet to provide a satisfactory explanation of this document. Regarding postwar testimony from Nazis, were they all tortured into confessing to heinous crimes which they supposedly did not commit?

This might be believable if only a few Nazis were captured after the war, or maybe if some had courageously stood up in court and shouted to the world about the supposed attempt to silence them.


But hundreds testified regarding the Holocaust, in trials dating from late until the s. Many of these Nazis testified as witnesses and were not accused of crimes. What was the basis for their supposed coercion? Many of these trials were in German courts. Did the Germans torture their own countrymen?

Well, Holocaust-deniers sometimes claim that the Jews have secretly infiltrated the German government and control everything about it.

They prefer not to talk too much about this theory, however, because it is clearly on the lunatic fringe. The main point is that not one of these supposed torture victims -- in fifty years, not one -- has come forth to support the claim that testimony was coerced.

On the contrary, confirmation and reconfirmation of their testimony has continued across the years. What coercion could have convinced Judge Konrad Morgen to testify to the crimes he witnessed at the International Nuremberg Trial inwhere he was not accused of any crime?

Essay questions on schindler list

And to later testify at the Auschwitz trial at Frankfurt, Germany, in ? What coercion was applied to SS Doctor Johann Kremer to make him testify in his own defense inand then, after having been convicted in both Poland and Germany, emerge after his release to testify again as a witness at the Frankfurt trial?Essay Exam Writing for the California Bar Exam [Mary Basick;Tina Schindler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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