Female foeticide death before birth

Indian skydiver jumps off plane from 13, feet to wish PM Narendra Modi on his birthday Preeti Panwar It has been six long decades since India gained independence but many Indians are still trapped in age-old traditional beliefs. No doubt India is advancing at a fast pace in the field of science and technology, and also in aping of the western culture, but if we look at the grass root level, the picture is not so rosy; it is rather a dark, especially when it comes to how we treat the fairer sex. Of course, India deserves to be in this list because here, in this 21st century, the girl child continues to be murdered before she is born. Female foeticide is still prevalent in the Indian society, in fact, it has been a practice for hundreds of years.

Female foeticide death before birth

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Female feticide in India. Abstract Women are murdered all over the world. But in India a most brutal form of killing females takes place regularly, even before they have the opportunity to be born.

Female feticide--the selective abortion of female fetuses--is killing upwards of one million females in India annually with far-ranging and tragic consequences. In some areas, the sex ratio of females to males has dropped to less than Females not only face inequality in Why do so many families selectively abort baby daughters?

Aborting female fetuses is both practical and socially acceptable in India. Female feticide is driven by many factors, but primarily by the prospect of having to pay a dowry to the future bridegroom of a daughter.

While sons offer security to their families in old age and can perform the rites for the souls of deceased parents and ancestors, daughters are perceived as a social and economic burden.

Prenatal sex detection technologies have been misused, allowing the selective abortions of female offspring to proliferate. Legally, however, female feticide is a penal offence. Although female infanticide has long been committed in India, feticide is a relatively new practice, emerging concurrently with the advent of technological advancements in prenatal sex determination on a large scale in the s.

Female foeticide death before birth

While abortion is legal in India, it is a crime to abort a pregnancy solely because the fetus is female. Strict laws and penalties are in place for violators.


These laws, however, have not stemmed the tide of this abhorrent practice. This article will discuss the socio-legal conundrum female feticide presents, as well as the consequences of having too few women in Indian society.Women’s rights around the world is an important indicator to understand global well-being.

Female foeticide death before birth

A major global women’s rights treaty was ratified by the majority of the world’s nations a few decades ago. The Gendercide web site reports: "A study of Tamil Nadu by the Community Service Guild of Madras found that 'female infanticide is rampant' in the state, though only among Hindu (rather than Moslem or Christian) families.

'Of the 1, families covered by the study, had only one girl child and agreed directly that they had done away with the unwanted girl child.

female foeticide is the biggest obstacle in achieving this goal. Female foeticide over the few decades has imbalanced the sex ratios at birth in . 96 ‘Death Before Birth’- A Study On Female Foeticide In India B) Individual and group appeals and initiatives: In modern India, there have always been the protests against female infanticides by various national leaders like Vidyasagar, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, and Mahatma Gandhi a few names to mention.

Female foeticide in India is the abortion of a female foetus outside of legal methods. The frequency of female foeticide in India is increasing day by day.

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The natural ratio is assumed to be between and , and any number above it is considered as suggestive of female foeticide. This website is in english and in russian. Link to Site M ap listing other articles, books and useful websites: SITE MAP This Website is in english and in rus sian Announcement - this Page has been modified to be viewable on mobile devices!

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