Homeschooling your child essay

Hire Writer Lastly children in public schools also come into contact with negative peer pressure such as drugs and violence and in some instances gun violence takes place in schools. Reasons that drive parents to homeschooling their children include:

Homeschooling your child essay

The reality is that if you give your child a solid grounding in mathematics including algebra, trigonometry, etc. As part of your composition program i. Because my kids dual-enroll at the community college for their junior and senior years, I have them write a research paper in tenth grade.

This prepares them well for any writing they will need to do at the community college and beyond. Over the years I have accessed a variety of resources to teach my children how to write a research paper but was never really satisfied with any particular program.

For my third child my middle son who is now 17 I decided to design a guide for him myself. That is what I am sharing with you today.

I believe this guide is comprehensive and yet easy to follow. I suggest you print a copy for yourself just hit the print button at the bottom of the post so that you have it handy for when you need it. Assign a Topic It may not seem like it but choosing the right topic is crucial.

Choose too broad a topic and your child will get lost in the weeds. There are several different ways you could go about assigning a topic. You could have your child come up with a topic which meets with your approval.

Or you can do what I did with my kids which was: I came up with a general subject myself and then I had them brainstorm with me ideas for a specific topic they could write about. This process of brainstorming ideas is a valuable tool to teach your child, in and of itself.

Furthermore, together you and your child can find a topic that can serve a dual purpose. So not only did my son learn how to write a quality research paper, but the process helped him to narrow down his college major — and therefore helped us to plan his next few academic years accordingly.

In short, keep in mind that spending an adequate amount of time choosing a topic will make the next steps that much easier for your child. It is important that your child find and utilize quality, reliable sources of information.

I believe that actually writing out the information tends to cement thoughts in their mind that will help them when they begin writing. On the back of each card your child should notate where they found the information — all they really need is the title of the book or article and the page numbers.

Naturally your child is not going to write down whole chapters out of books or even very long passages. This is part of the teaching and learning process — you need to instruct your child that they will be writing out brief ideas and quotations on their index cards. This is actually where the nuts and bolts of learning to write a research paper takes place.

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Throughout the research process they should be thinking about what is key to their subject matter, what information do they need to use to substantiate their thesis, and what quotations would be useful to make their paper not only accurate but engaging.

You need to also instruct them to make a Word document that will comprise their bibliography. This information should include the source, the author or editorsthe publishing company, where it was published and the year it was copyrighted.

Your child should start their research with books from the library. They may want to utilize this resource. They can certainly do research online, but any articles they use from there not only need to be noted in the bibliography, they also need to be reliable articles such as those from professional journals.

One useful resource I found on using microfilm and microfiche is: Finally, keep in mind that the amount of time your child spends on research will have a great impact on the quality of their paper.Homeschooling vs. Public Schooling Essay Words 4 Pages When kids reach the age where learning begins parents now and days have a concern of whether to home school their kids or send them to a public school.

Argumentation essay on the negative effects of homeschooling your child. Topics: School, Education, High school Pages: 2 Essay about Homeschooling The Homeschooling Debate When I was in the fifth grade, my mother chose to remove me from the public school system and homeschool me.

Homeschooling your child essay

Many of my family members and . Home Schooling vs. Public Schooling By: Krystal Walls [email protected] Eastern If you have children that are school age you have probably have thought about the options of home schooling vs.

public schooling. You also find that homeschooling seems to make life easier and let you be able teach your own way. One of the best things about home schooling is the freedom that comes with it.

You do not have to work on the schedule unless that is what works for you and your children. By homeschooling your child you can control the curriculum and you can choose to include religion in the curriculum and the negative peer pressure from fellow students is not there. In order for children to learn they must be put into the correct setting.

Another key disadvantage that comes with the homeschooling alternative is the child’s socialization development. According to Samantha Lebeda, socialization involves interactions between the child and others in their social network.

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