Montecito state college division of extension

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Montecito state college division of extension

Degree courses are offered at both the main campus and four satellite campus throughout the metropolitan area.

Montecito state college division of extension

Findings Based on our analysis, the following key factors were recognized: It was also discovered that there are no satellite campus located within Wendell and Santa Rosa counties. These deficiencies create great opportunities to grow the division. The market potential to grow is Sorry, but full essay samples are available only for registered users Choose a Membership Plan tremendous and the college has various options to grow its market which includes market penetration, new product development, diversification, and new market development strategies.

Recommendation Our analysis led us to three alternatives which include reallocating budget funds from print advertisement to radio and television advertisement, targeting local businesses to expand and grow our continuing education offerings, and cross marketing to degree seeking students already enrolled in the day division.

Based on this analysis, we recommend that Montecito differentiate itself from its competition by providing a marketing mix based on an effective pricing strategy, modified distribution channels, and the capitalization of its community relations in order to ultimately reach its goals of developing the Division of Extension Studies program and increasing total college enrollment.

These objectives will be carried out within the next year and continuously revaluated for improvements. MSC is located in Montecito in the suburbs of the large western city of Sherman.

Montecito state college division of extension

Inthe college enrolled 6, students in the day division, 2, in Extension Studies, and 1, in the graduate school. The graduate school offers Masters in Arts, Sciences and Education. MSC has a good regional reputation for its programs in education, management, hotel administration, and psychology.

The extension studies program consists of a wide range of courses that includes undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs. The division also subsidizes a range of continuing education programs, which are primarily focused towards the working professionals and are offered late afternoon, weekday evenings and Saturday morning hours.

The extension program offers courses at six satellite campuses. MSC is exploring different methods to increase enrollment in its extension and continuing education programs.

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MSC offers a wide variety of courses with asymmetrical quality in the midst of offerings. Most of the professors are either part time or adjunct; Competition from other educational institutions is strong and enrollment for degree courses has dropped over the past year.

In addition, satellite campuses, developed to offer students greater convenience, have not proved popular. MSC used innumerable advertising channels and had tough-time measuring the response rate from any of these Channels.

They have chosen to advertise in small ads in the Sherman Monitor, and public service announcements on the radio and TV to promote college events and programs.

The President of MSC has authorized an enlarged marketing budget for the coming year in a last attempt to improve the situation. In addition, the Dean of Extension Studies is also challenged with improving enrollment at the satellite campuses.

Wide range of course offerings in undergraduate as well as graduate Programs. Increasing rate of enrollment in continuing education. Ease and availability of satellite campuses offering additional courses to cater for different geographic locations.

Extension studies division offers several continuing education programs, including short, noncredit workshops, courses and seminars.

The new satellite campus location at Pine Creek has easy access to northern region and is just couple of blocks away from the freeway and has a good public transportation access.

Low cost of tuition at MSC: Division of extension studies has control for the tuition price for Continuing education courses. Degree course prices are set and approved by the Dean and President.

Increase in advertising budget. Flexible course schedule offerings to accommodate working professionals. Considerably good regional reputation in the community for its programs in education, management, hotel administration, and psychology.

The extension division is low cost and is not required to pay fees for institutional costs such as classroom space. Some of the facilities where extension division conducts classes are offered free of charge for the satellite campuses.

MSC promotes courses or seminars to target precise market segment using mailing lists which enhances its marketing focus MSC utilizes various advertising media used: Shortfalls in current advertising approaches; lack of ability to measure responses from advertising channels.

Smaller Advertising budget compared to competitors. Lack of Ability to manage and Coordinate all Advertising activities 4. Advertising is outsources to an external agency which plays passive role 5.

Advertising agency has little incentive to produce or recommend strategies in advertising as they work on a fixed fee basis. Lack of demand for extension courses that are indicated by falling enrollment rates.

The Dean inherited the marketing strategy without analyzing it; and did not perceive two schools who offer substitute services as competitors  · The honor is given by USDA/NIFA, Cooperative Extension and the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities.

For more information about Unidos or to find out ways to partner with the program, contact Cox at [email protected] or  · UC Santa Barbara is a leading center for teaching and research located on the California coast - truly a learning and living environment like no other! Dairy herd improvement herd book.

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A state college seeks to boost enrollment in its extension courses and continuing education programs. Competition from other educational institutions is strong. o Articles will be published in the Montecito Journal, newsletters of the Montecito Association, Ennisbrook Homeowner's Association, and Westmont College o Gave a presentation at the Santa Barbara Fire Safe Council Meeting (2/16)  · REPORT Division of agriculture, forestry, anD veterinary meDicine DAFVM. 2 Department of Poultry Science, College of Veterinary Medicine, Extension Service, and Forest and Wildlife Research Center worked with partners in the Office of the State

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