Oregon business plan and kitzhaber

March 6, Lynn Peterson imitating public art during a bike tour of Gresham.

Oregon business plan and kitzhaber

Oregon gubernatorial election, InKitzhaber won the Democratic nomination for governor when the sitting governor, Barbara Roberts also a Democratwithdrew from the race in January of that year. Roberts opted against a second term after voters refused to pass a sales tax to fund the Oregon Health Plan and she was forced to break her campaign promise not to cut spending.

In a statement inKitzhaber said "They were the most agonizing and difficult decisions I have made as Governor I have regretted those choices ever since.

oregon business plan and kitzhaber

Oregon gubernatorial election, Republican anti-tax activist Bill Sizemore challenged Kitzhaber in Sizemore had founded Oregon Taxpayers Uniteda political action committee that lobbied against tax increases and promoted ballot measures limiting the use of union dues in political campaigns, in During the general election, The Oregonian newspaper reported Sizemore's controversial business practices in his personal life, as well as in the operation of his political action committees and non-profit educational foundation.

The plan was a collaborative effort that encouraged federal, state and local government agencies to work with private landowners to restore watershed health and recover threatened salmon runs.

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He opposed attempts to weaken protection of farmland and enforcement of urban growth boundaries. Kitzhaber also created the Governor's Growth Task Force and the Willamette Valley Livability Forum to help gather accurate information and outline integrated approaches for developing sustainable communities.

His related Community Solutions program attempted to focus the efforts of numerous state agencies, other governments and interested groups in collaborative problem solving and coordination to manage various community development projects across Oregon.

Third term, —[ edit ] See also: Oregon gubernatorial election, Kitzhaber after winning the election In SeptemberKitzhaber announced that he would run for a third term as governor, [18] and in Maywon the Democratic primary, defeating Roger Obrist and the former Secretary of State of Oregon Bill Bradbury.

On November 22,Kitzhaber announced that he might commute an upcoming death sentence scheduled to occur in the month ahead.

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Kitzhaber went on to announce that he would allow no death penalties to occur in Oregon while he is governor, calling the issuing of death sentences "compromised and inequitable".

Senior Judge Timothy P. Alexander, assigned to Marion County Circuit Court, ruled that Haugen could reject the governor's reprieve of his execution and move forward in his efforts to die by lethal injection. Kitzhaber appealed the decision to the Oregon Supreme Court, [24] which decided in the governor's favor on June 20, Hayes admitted to the union, which was dissolved in the early s, and said it was an illegal green card marriage into which she entered for money during a difficult period in her life.

Kitzhaber was reportedly unaware of the marriage until the Willamette Week's investigation. Kitzhaber asked for an ethics review into Hayes' business activities, [33] which the state commission declined to look into.

Oregon gubernatorial election, Kitzhaber ran for reelection in While he consistently led opponent Dennis Richardsona conservative Republican state representative from Central Pointin public polling and defeated him by a margin of 5.

He said he wanted to focus on socioeconomic inequality in Oregon during his last four years as governor of the state. At a press conference on January 30,he said Hayes would play no further role in his administration, although he confirmed the couple still plans to marry.

oregon business plan and kitzhaber

Kitzhaber right speaking with Dr. He holds an endowed chair on health care policy at The Foundation for Medical Excellence, an educational foundation that produces continuing-education programs for physicians.


On January 13,Kitzhaber announced the Archimedes Movementan organization seeking to maximize the health of the population by creating a sustainable system which uses the public resources spent on health care to ensure that everyone has access to a defined set of effective health services.

The goal is to create a vision for a more equitable and sustainable system as well as the political tension necessary for its realization. A legislative proposal that took input from many Oregon residents was introduced in the Oregon legislative session.This update report describes state-based prescription drug bulk purchasing laws and programs in 30+ states.

Most operational programs focus on Medicaid purchases. Two states have opened programs to the general public. Other initiatives use inter-state cooperation for evidence-based evaluation of .

Both Democrats and most Republicans supported Kitzhaber’s ideas.

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So when President Obama proposed expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, Oregon lawmakers embraced it. The Oregon State Legislature passed Senate Bill to establish the Oregon State capitol Foundation and an Oregon State Capitol Foundation Fund.

Since the Oregon Business Plan has been the state’s principal economic development forum. Its signature event is the annual Leadership Summit that draws more than 1, business, elected, civic, and nonprofit leaders to identify and vet issues critical to Oregon’s economy and life.

Allyson Morrison joined Options for Southern Oregon in September as a Statewide Trainer with the Oregon Supported Employment team. Allyson received her Bachelor of Science in International Business from Elizabethtown College in Contact the Small Business Advocate for help navigating the rules and regulations of state and local government.

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