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Audiovisual content[ edit ] Although K-pop generally refers to South Korean popular music, some consider it to be an all-encompassing genre exhibiting a wide spectrum of musical and visual elements. Systematic training of artists[ edit ] See also: Trainees live together in a regulated environment and spend many hours a day learning music, dance, foreign languages and other skills in preparation for their debut. This "robotic" system of training is often criticized by Western media outlets.

Pop culture speech

On September 9th, Grace Hopper records what she jokingly called the first actual computer bug — in this case, a moth stuck between relay contacts of the Harvard Mark II computer.

She worked tirelessly on developing these computers to the fullest through inventive programming. After Harvard, she worked for computer manufacturer Remington-Rand where she developed what is often considered the first compiler, A She also served on the committee to develop COBOL, a standard and widely adopted programming language that transformed the way software was developed for business applications.

COBOL is still in use today. Hopper was made a Fellow of the Computer History Museum in Jenkins' science fiction had been regularly appearing since the s. In the March issue of Astounding Science Fiction, Jenkins publishes A Logic Named Joe, a short story detailing a world where computers, called Logics, were interconnected into a massive, worldwide network.

One such Logic begins to malfunction, giving out secret information about disallowed topics. Almost fifty years prior to the invention of the Internet, A Logic Named Joe contains one of the most prescient views of the capabilities of computers in a network.

The change to electronics marked a major shift for IBM, which since the s was the world leader in electro-mechanical punched card systems. Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson. Alan Turing is found dead at age 42 Alan Turing English mathematician Alan Turing is found dead in his bed with a cyanide-laced apple on his night stand.

Turing had published a seminal paper, On Computable Numbers, in in which he theorized about the nature of human and machine intelligence. SHARE was particularly known for its boisterous meetings and close cooperation among competitors seeking to deploy computers in their companies.

Bell Labs had developed a speech synthesis system for their IBM mainframe computer. One of the attendees at the first demonstration was author Arthur C. Clarke, who recommended it to director Stanley Kubrick for his film version of the book IBM hired architect Eero Saarinen to design a major pavilion, featuring the Information Machine, an attraction and film designed by noted filmmakers Charles and Ray Eames.

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The pavilion featured demonstrations of IBM products such as the newly released IBM Selectric typewriter, machine translation and the IBMwhich demonstrated handwriting recognition and on-line information retrieval.

While students at Harvard had created dating programs, and television shows used computer matching as a gimmick, Project TACT was an ongoing service that initially matched residents of New York's Upper East Side.

Accountant Lewis Altfest, inspired by a visit to the Parker Pen Pavilion at the World's Fair, brought in programmer Robert Ross to help design a system to match singles. Participants would fill out a questionnaire. The answers were then transferred to punched cards and fed into an IBM computer.

After processing, each participant would receive 5 punched cards — blue to indicate male matches, pink for female matches.


Though the business received a large amount of early media coverage, and expanded to all of New York, Project TACT lasted only a couple of years, ceasing operations when its founders lost interest. Set in a technocratic dystopia, Alphaville featured secret agent Lemmy Caution played by Eddie Constantine as he investigates the situation surrounding Professor von Braun, creator of the Alpha 60 computer.

This computer, which has gained sentience, controls Alphaville, and Caution must battle it using his two most dangerous weapons — his handgun and poetry! Alphaville served as an inspiration for the formation of the Cyberpunk genre.

Star Trek debuts with multiple computation devices Star Trek title screen One of the most popular television series of all-time, Star Trek tells of the journeys of the starship Enterprise and its 5-year mission of exploration.

Star Trek speculated on technologies such as voice-recognition, handheld computing and communications, human computer interaction, and machine-supported medical diagnosis.

The technologies displayed influenced generations of filmmakers, writers, and especially technologists--some of whom are still working today to create technologies featured on the show.

A Space Odyssey released Clarke, Stanley Kubrick's A Space Odyssey tells the story of the HAL computer as it malfunctions during the Discovery One spaceship's trip to Jupiter to investigate a mysterious signal.

The HAL computer Heuristically programmed ALgorithm computerwhich controlled all aspects of ship operations, killed the crew being transported in stasis, and was finally shut-down by the only surviving crew member.

The presentation of HAL demonstrated advanced technologies including speech synthesis, voice and visual recognition, human-computer interaction, and even computer chess. Sperry Rand trial begins Honeywell, Inc. Sperry Rand sued Honeywell on claims of patent infringement, while Honeywell filed a suit charging Sperry Rand with monopolistic practices and fraud, seeking to invalidate the patent.

It told the story of the computer Proteus and its dangerous obsession with Susan, a wealthy recluse. Proteus imprisoned Susan in her home after taking over her home control system, and attempted to impregnate her.

First computers installed in the White House Jimmy Carter in the Oval Office While the US government had funded many computing projects dating back to the s, it wasn't until the Carter administration that a computer is actually installed in the White House.Popular culture, usually referred to as pop culture, "don't get no respect," as popular comedian Rodney Dangerfield would have said, but a study of pop culture history shows this oft-maligned subject has caused social change since ancient times.

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May 15,  · These pop culture speeches go beyond celebrity and social media addiction and offer insightful discussions and conversations on how popular culture plays a role in education, the media, the economy and business/ Pop culture today is obsessed with the battle between good and evil.

Traditional folktales never were. What changed? Cybersecurity is a quickly evolving issue, and the Asia-Pacific region is an epicenter for wide-ranging and emerging threats.

This panel of experts will cover a lot of ground, both explaining the fundamental vulnerabilities, and the nascent technologies which present both concerns as well as advantages.

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Pop culture speech

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