Racism has not been eradicated in

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Racism has not been eradicated in

Roof sat in on the class for an hour before allegedly pulling out a.

Accused mass murderer and white supremacist Dylann Roof shown burning an American flag. It did not take long for the authorities to identify and apprehend Roof.

It turned out that he is a thoroughgoing racist with delusions of starting a second Civil War.

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He also had a thing for flags. Among the Facebook-posted pictures of Roof that soon surfaced were ones showing him with the flag of apartheid South Africa and the flag of white-ruled Rhodesia. Both of these are reported to be used as symbols of white supremacy in the U.

And, there is the picture of him, with his handgun displayed, with the Confederate battle flag — the same flag that flies on the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse. The issue was whether or not the Confederate battle flag on the statehouse grounds should be removed.

For much of the country, the flag was a symbol of the racism that had moved Roof to commit the massacre. Well, most of the African-American population, along with many American whites, think this ancestor story is a rather poor ploy.

However, making it an obligation of the state in this case South Carolina is downright dangerous because what you have is half the population commanding the government to pay homage to those who fought to maintain the enslavement of the other half.

From a socio-political standpoint, that homage validates the historic actions of those ancestors i. Roof to mimic them. This is just asking for trouble, and on the evening of June 17, South Carolina and the rest of us experienced a horrific example of that trouble.

The Civil War ended over years ago. So one can reasonably ask why Americans are still dealing with this issue of racism? There is no shortage of those who recognize that racism is still deeply ingrained in U. Here are some of the points I made in that essay: The notion that such parameters can be reversed in, say, 48 years counting from the Voting Rights Act is naive at best.

A good part of the answer is that a culture of racism shaped the way of life, particularly in the southern United States, for hundreds of years. This culture was only briefly interrupted by the Civil War. But Reconstruction lasted only a brief 12 years, until Subsequent Republican administrations have been chipping away at civil rights laws and regulations ever since.

Racism has not been eradicated in

Because, over hundreds of years, the interruptions in Southern racial practice were relatively brief, r acism has persisted in that region of the country to a relatively greater degree than in other areas.

Laws, in turn, are to be understood as educational tools that tell citizens what society deems to be right and wrong behavior. If laws are consistently enforced over a long period of time, most citizens will internalize these messages and they will become part of their moral code.

Except for the 12 years of Reconstruction, the South had known nothing but legally sanctioned racist rules of behavior right up to the middle of the Twentieth Century. And so it was racist rules that were thoroughly internalized.

They did so only partially because these new laws concentrated on making discrimination illegal within the public sphere. You could no longer segregate public schools, hotels, restaurants and the like, as well as government offices.

Today, African-Americans in the South check into a hotel, eat at a restaurant, shop where they want to without much trouble. That has now been the case for 48 years.

Yet this is not nearly enough time to have the message that racial discrimination is wrong penetrate deeply into the private sphere of a region where the opposite attitude has long been the default position.

My guess is that among some Southern citizens, the new egalitarian way of thinking is superficially there, and among others it is not there at all.

Communities with historically ingrained patterns of thinking and behaving may be bludgeoned, say, by violent revolution, into changing their ways.

These are primarily the law and the schools. In the case of the United States, laws that enforce civil rights must be strengthened and steadily applied for multiple generations at least four or five until obeying these laws is habitual.

Racism has not been eradicated in

That should permanently reform the public sphere. The teaching of the essential correctness of civil rights and the essential wrongness for racist attitudes must be put into the curriculum and taught in all the schools, public and private, from K to 12, and probably in undergraduate college as well.

This too must be universal whether parents like it or notconsistent and multigenerational. None of this is really impossible. It can be done. We know enough about psychology to recognize that such an effort is not a waste of time.Keywords: racism in sports, racism sports essay The topic that has been chosen to talk about is racism because it has been around for many years but still has not be eradicated from some sports which still have racism going around today.

Mar 31,  · A recent article said that many white people believe that if a person talks about racism, he or she is racist, and there has been plenty written about how difficult it is to talk about it.

Is racism able to be eradicated within the United States? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 6 Answers. Rob Weir, Racism is not going to get people killed in the U.S. any more, but religious fundamentalism is responsible for thousands of murders around the world every year.

Has poverty in the United States been eradicated? Does racism exist in. Essay about Racism Has Not Been Eradicated in the U.S.a Racism is and will remain a dark stain on America’s history which many would rather forget. However no African American can completely avoid the legacy of years of oppression and slavery.

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Race and Racism

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Not once in my football career have I heard or witnessed racism towards a player. Not once. and the AFL’s education programs, it has been all but eradicated.

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