Substantive writing

Constructing the Substantive Paragraph When writing about more complicated subjects, you may find it necessary to go into some depth about a particular point you wish to make. Treating that point with substance and depth may require that you expand the size of some paragraphs. Start a substantive paragraph with something akin to a topic sentence. Next, you may want to clarify any of the language used in the topic sentence.

Substantive writing

Substantive initial postings must answer the discussion question directly and completely as well as make some contribution to the topic at hand. Instead, explain why you agree or disagree.

Substantive writing

Elaborate, expand and engage. Below are some strategies to help you write a substantive post: Writing Substantive Online Discussion Posts: Strategies for Success Elaborate Comment on a point made by a fellow classmate — This is a great strategy because it shows your instructor that you are reflecting on and synthesizing what your peers have written.

Consider an idea being discussed and offer a different perspective on it. Link your post to course content. Provide examples from your professional and personal life experiences.

The Differences: Substantive Editing, Copy Editing & Proofreading

Acknowledge all responses to your posts from your peers and instructor. Which of the above strategies do you see at work in the sample posting below? Sample Discussion The response post is a winner because it incorporates several of the strategies mentioned; it reflects on a point made by another student, shares a resource and additional information and ends with a thoughtful question.When something is substantive, there is a lot of there there, be it meaning or volume of things.

The word brings a serious tone. The word brings a serious tone. While it is often used to talk about problems and their solutions, a big steak dinner could be called substantive as could a very long piece of writing.

Substantive writing

Ultimately, the substantive editor’s job is to help the author deliver clear, coherent writing to the intended audience. Copy Editing Next, the manuscript goes to the copy editor who is primarily concerned with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. possessing substance; having practical importance, value, or effect: substantive issues under discussion.

Law. pertaining to the rules of right which courts are called on to apply, as distinguished from rules of procedure (opposed to adjective).

Substantive paragraphs

Substantive Law. Discuss at least four rights one acquires in various relationships protected by Substantive Law. Discuss the four types of procedural law. Substantive writing requires that the writer egin with a significant, intellectually well-defined task.

This writing can be assessed for clarity, accuracy, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, significance, and fairness. In traditional grammar, a substantive is a word that functions as a noun.

In contemporary language studies, the common term for a substantive is nominal.

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