Video about writing a resume

An Introduction to the Resume In this unit, you will learn about the function of a professional resume.

Video about writing a resume

I often look for candidates that could become lead programmers later in their career.

This candidate was working at a retail store, and hints that leadership and customer support — two things that make for a great team lead — might be a strong suit. There are hints that the candidate might enjoy the process of planning software — UML, task lists, etc.

It wastes a lot of space without helping me understand what makes the candidate special.

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Video Game Resume 3: For starters, he has a degree from a game school and experience in QA on a professional game team. Through all of his projects, he tackled complicated 3D-math-heavy features.

At the time, the studio I was hiring for was low on good graphics programmers. Common Threads These game developer resumes are very different.

And in reality, the candidates went on to have very different career paths, each built around their individual strengths and interests. Get Advice, Inspiration from 7 Professionals But from a higher-level view, they actually have a lot in common. They all have a degree from a video game school.

They all have experience working on real projects with real teams. They all have qualities that I was specifically looking for, for my specific studio and teams.

But you can always do a little research to find out what a studio needs, then orient your resume to highlight that portion of your skill set. The Surprising Lesson Those are the similarities.

Sure, they all have completely different layouts and formatting. But they all get their point across. They show who they are, and what they can do. And they all got hired. So the real lesson might be this: Being awesome gets you hired. Get that part right, and nothing else matters.

What job title, keywords or company city, state or zipcode If this article was helpful, please share on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. This book levels the playing field.A script writing resume is slightly different from a standard employment resume. This type of resume focuses more on your writing credentials than your previous work experience in a field unrelated to writing.

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Learn the skills you need and the challenges you face when writing resumes.

video about writing a resume

The Balance Small Business How to Start a Resume Writing Service. Through email, messaging and VoIP or video-calls, you can run your business anywhere in the world. A cutting-edge résumé may have QR codes, hyperlinks and embedded video, and be tailored to applicant-tracking systems that companies use to search résumés by keyword.

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