Write a report on flexible working hours

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Write a report on flexible working hours

But how can I? Balancing the demands of work and school has been a challenge that leaves her little time for anything else, including sleep. To remedy this problem, California State University, which consists of 23 schools and is the largest university system in the country, has launched an initiative to double its four-year graduation rate in 10 years.

Working with The Hechinger Report for this series, three students from a Northridge journalism class write about what has held them back, and what they think needs to change. My college experience has definitely not been what I expected.

In high school, I looked forward to joining the broadcast journalism club, attending concerts, and maybe even trying out for the softball team. Instead, I wake up most days at 4 a. Sometimes, I just want to quit my job so I can focus on my education.

I have to pay my tuition and pay bills for myself and my family. Millions of college students across the United States are in a similar situation. For years I struggled financially and academically, always on the edge of quitting school, ashamed that I could not handle school and work more easily.

Obama says failing to help everyone will drag down the economy. She told me the number one reason students visit the counseling office is because of stress and anxiety caused by trying to balance the demands of school, work and finances.

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I felt better just knowing that I am not alone. She noticed I was fidgety and seemed nervous. I told her it was because I was tired and anxious. I also spoke with fellow working learners, and realized that others are going through a similar struggle, trying to do too many things with not enough time.

Now, working as a records clerk for a law firm, she said she believes the stress was worth it. She assured me that the added challenge of working while in school will definitely prepare me for the future. College graduates scored the vast majority of recently created jobs. There is no way around it.

Our struggle to get a degree is a struggle to secure our future. Here are a few tips and suggestions I found to help those of us who work while in college stay sane and succeed. Remember, you are not alone. Try to find a job related to your major.

And it will look good on your resume, too. Take at least one day out of your busy week to do something that makes you happy and helps you relax.

Take a step back. Stepping back and clearing your mind for a few minutes will help you to focus better and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Look at the bigger picture. Just imagine yourself on graduation day receiving your hard-earned degree, knowing that all your sacrifices and hard work really did pay off.

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write a report on flexible working hours

Luz Pineda, who works full-time, is a senior at California State University, Northridge. Balancing the demands of work and school has been a challenge that leaves her little time for anything else, including sleep.

Write an essay summarizing and evaluating the key points from both texts. With high-speed Internet connections available to many, home-working has become a practical option for companies and members of staff.

Flexibility in Practice, a report commissioned by the Equal Opportunities Commission (Neathy and Hurstfield, ), found that employees were making increasing demands on all employees to become more flexible, both in working flexible hours and in functional flexibility.

A Future of Work Report The Benefits of Flexible Working Arrangements. Report Contents Flexible working arrangements allow companies to meet present and future challenges by creating choice, accommodating generations, enabling complexity, and creating agility.

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